jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012

Wiki Contributions - Week 8

For this week, I was appointed with a new and interesting task. To do a web interface using Ruby on Rails. This web interface would be used to distribute tasks between the nodes of a cluster, check the state of the nodes, and some other stuff. So to do this, I first installed Ruby on Rails and started testing and reading about it.

So to contribute in the wiki, this week I'll add a tutorial of how to install ruby on rails and all the needed stuff there. And I'll be uploading code to something like Github to keep the code online and updated. Also if I found something interesting about Ruby On Rails I'll upload it in the wiki as well.

Anyway, the link to the wiki is the following:
 - Ruby On Rails

For the laboratory Ruby On Rails Installation and Demo
-Demo App

Roberto and Juan Carlos and Gabriela for their great planning of the future tasks.

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