jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

Wiki Contributions - Week 5

For this week, I searched a little about sockets in order to program a client-server instance of mergesort in python. At first the script just accepted a single client, which wasn't any good, but later on after reading a little bit about sockets I realized the problem was just that, I had the accept routine before the server script entered the loop, so it wouldn't accept any more clients.

Anyway the script is in the wiki, I tried to comment it the most I could so it would be understandable, but it is not very difficult to understand

For the laboratory, I made this post explaining personally my python client-server mergesort:

Future Contributions

I've been also working with MPI for Python but until now I don't have any good results to share, so I will keep on trying with that.


- Juan Carlos and Cecilia

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  1. Bien; van 5 para la clase. Júntense los que andan con MPI para avanzar más rápido.