miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

Wiki Contributions Week 16 - Final


Starting the semester, everyone was joining groups which would be working on different things that would help to build the project. I joined the CUDA group, not knowing that I needed a CUDA enabled GPU, which I obsiously don't have. So I started trying to help there, looking for good sources and information which could help the others in the group, but I kinda felt like I wasn't doing much, so I tried another alternatives. Then I started to program some MPI examples, and others stuff, just to get a feel of how MPI programming works, but not joining another group in the process. There I learned some interesting stuff using mpi4py, but still not doing a great progress.

Finally, somehow I ended with the cluster group, but I didn't know anything about what they were doing, and I was supposed to do a Web Interface for the Cluster in Ruby, which resulted in a failure because I couldn't do any notable progress, which is entirely my fault, and because of that, others had to do my part.
In conclusion, I didn't do anything to add to the cluster.Period.


Juan Carlos, Rafael, and Roberto the only ones with own initiative.

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  1. 5 & 5 last week; at least you know what you did and did not do ;)