lunes, 16 de abril de 2012

Wiki Contributions - Week 10

For week 9 I didn't get any good advance because I was kind of busy with some other stuff, I just managed to read some Ruby on Rails tutorials to some functions, but nothing big. So leaving that aside for a while, I decided to investigate a little more about the beowulf clusters, and more particularly into the master-head node, to see how the master node is supposed to work, and what should the master node do in the network. Then I found out that there is a way to create a virtual cluster, using VirtualBox which allows you to build and test the cluster without the need for the extra hardware.This could be useful to test some stuff first, before using the Cluster, but only for that, because the performance will be probably poor. Of course I still will be working with the web interface, with the help of Raúl I hope.

For the class, the wiki is crashed currently(April 15th) but again, I'll post the information here in my blog first, in order to upload it later to the wiki.

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Now the wiki is online again, so here it is the direct link to the wiki:

And for the laboratory, a small investigation about some MPI implementations:

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